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Do you ever stop and think “how did I end up here”?

Do you feel like you are living the life that you SHOULD be living, rather than the one you WANT to be living?

Are you living the life that someone else decided for you when you were growing up?

Do you find you do things because you think you SHOULD, rather than because you actually WANT to?

Do you want more from life?


I am looking for clients who have made the conscious decision to start living a life that truly makes them happy. You may be feeling stuck and not exactly sure what to do next, or perhaps would like support to help make it happen. Having gone through this myself, including leaving a promising career behind, I took the necessary steps to be able to realise my dream, my passions and am now looking to help others do the same. I used to be the person that said “I wish I could do that” and “you’re so lucky” to others - now – I am the one people say this to.

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“Sarah helped me to open my mind to possibilities I thought were blocked off and unattainable. I now feel like the world truly is my oyster. I would definitely recommend Sarah and I would say she allows you to have a safe space to discuss any concerns you have of not achieving things in your life and allows you to see your full life potential.”

“Coaching has literally enabled me to break down my personal barriers and blocks that were holding me back and have done for a lifetime. Suffering from PTSD my brain has learnt to think again and this breakthrough is the most liberating feeling ever.”

Ingrid H

Holly R

"Sarah’s compassionate professionalism and insightful presence helped me to make shifts that I thought I would never be able to make. I let go of some baggage that had haunted me for over twenty years, and felt clear and liberated in ways I wouldn’t have previously thought possible."

Todd R

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During the consultation we discuss the areas you’d like to explore and determine whether coaching is the right thing for you. In order for the coach / client relationship to be effective, there needs to be natural rapport so we will also use this opportunity to establish whether it feels ‘right’ working together. I will also explain how the coaching process works and answer any questions that you may have. If you are happy to proceed, we then schedule in the first session. Alternatively, you can go away and have a think about it, so get in touch today for a risk-free step towards a better version of your life.

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Joseph Campbell

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.”

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